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Sophie Lancaster was a young woman who was murdered for being different. She and her boyfriend were creative, artistic people who dressed in their own unique way. They were attacked by a gang of five boys in a park in Bacup, Lancashire on 11 August 2007. The gang attacked Sophie’s boyfriend first and then turned on her, carrying out a brutal and sustained attack. Sophie remained in hospital for 13 days, before following medical advice, the family agreed to life support being switched off. Sophie died on 24 August 2007; she was just 20 years old.

"This is something very personal to me, as I also grew up in a small town and look Atypical, so it could easily of been me or one of my friends.“When I started my own business I wanted to support a charity. So the success we enjoy will benefit not just ourselves but others as well."

Paul Wilks, Director JCL


Jigsaw Controls prides itself on minimising its environmental impact, whilst also promoting the highest possible standards of Health & Safety, Environmental and Ethical Working practices. 

Alongside this, we also support several charities, information on which can be found below


We want to promote the highest possible standards of Health & Safety, Environmental, and Ethical Working. We do this firstly within our own operations and secondly by working closely with our suppliers.

We also want to minimise our environmental impact by reducing waste, reusing materials, and recycling as much as possible. We vigorously promote this within our own operations, and encourage our customers to do the same. We also ensure our suppliers meet our standards wherever they apply.

Rock Concert


Whilst we at Jigsaw Controls "rock" our support of Primordial Radio's Seagrass Rescue Initiative really rocks!!!

The Seedbank-U-Lator helps you to offset your carbon footprint by donating seeds to plant seagrass meadows. And seagrass doesn't just offset carbon, it also offers the sealife an important ecosystem in which to thrive.



To most in the electrical industry the acronym SWA stands for steel wire armoured. Sadly in Stockport it also has another meaning, Stockport Without Abuse. They are a charity supporting victims of domestic abuse. Mostly woman, many with children as well. It personally sickens me that there is a need for such a charity in this day and age. SWA provide advice, practical help and support as well as sanctuary to those in fear of abuse.

As a company we support the work of the charity in several ways, and are very happy to be able to do so

Paul Wilks - MD Jigsaw Controls

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