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Special Conditions "X"

STOP! What is the "X" in Ex certificates?

When it comes to equipment for Hazardous Areas, an ‘X’ in the Ex certification carries special meaning.

The ‘X’ at the end of the certificate number in an ATEX or IECEx certification indicates that there is some specific condition(s) that should be taken into account when using the equipment. These conditions can relate to installation, use or maintenance of the equipment.


The equipment might not have good protection against Static and therefore cannot be used where electrostatic charge build-up is common.

Torque value for installation screws.

Clamping of cables to prevent movement

It could also be as simple, yet important, as how to clean the equipment, e.g. with a damp cloth and no solvents, which may damage the equipment.

Sometimes the X denotes a simple clarification on equipment use rather than a limitation of the equipment.


The key when presented with an "X" on equipment is to clarify what is required from the certificate and product manual. It is vital that these conditions be followed by the installer & operator to ensure the safe use of the equipment in the Hazardous Area

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